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We have worked with a variety of homeowners, churches, schools, and businesses.  Our projects have ranged in size from 2 bedroom bungalows to large townhome complexes. Our niche is helping all property owners explore the best available options for a roof replacement.


Our mission at Home Solutions Roofing is to provide homeowners in the Triad area with an accurate and professional inspection of their roof. We put the best interest of our clients first knowing that our long term success depends on being good stewards of the trust you place in our quality, work, and reputation. 

Our Story

Home Solutions Roofing is an established, hard working roofing contractor serving the Piedmont Triad since 2012 Our unique approach to helping homeowners find replacement options for their roofs is professional, with no hassles. When a severe storm passes through an area, the insurance companies are present daily for a month or two until their claims stop coming in. This does not mean every home with damage has been identified. The insurance providers do not go door to door to check for storm damage. Our company does inspections year-round so that every homeowner will have the information needed to decide if making an insurance claim is an option. We evaluate your roof based on condition and storm damage. Since 2012, Home Solutions has helped thousands of homeowners with their roof replacement projects.


Our team offers quality roofing services to anyone with a roof to maintain.  We specialize in assessing roofs for age, condition, damage or manufacturer defect.  Many homeowners are unaware their roof has storm damage that may be covered by their homeowners insurance saving them thousands in roof replacement costs.

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