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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I know if I have hail damage?
Not all damage is visible, so you may not even realize you have it. When a hail storm sweeps through your neighborhood, your roof, siding, and windows need to be inspected by a qualified professional as soon as possible.

Have we even had hail recently?

When a significant storm comes through the area many roofing and insurance companies pour into the area to inspect damage or cover claims for a few weeks or maybe a month.  After the initial assessment they will leave the area.  At Home Solutions we know that not everyone with hail damage will see a roofer or insurance adjuster. Our goal is to work year round in the areas we have evidence that damage has occurred.

​What do I do first?
Make Home Solutions Roofing your first call and we’ll inspect the entire exterior of your home, including the roof, siding, windows and gutters for any damage. We’ll take care all of the repairs and guide you through the entire insurance process.

What if my adjuster says I don't have damage?

Adjusters are called in from all over the country after a storm, and they may not be familiar with the type of storm damage we get in North Carolina. Because we’re local, we’re experts on hail and wind damage and will meet your adjuster when he visits your home. If we do find damage, we’ll review the evaluation with your adjuster to ensure you are fairly compensated. 

What if I only have minor damage?
It’s in your best interest to fix any hail damage, no matter how minor. Though you may not experience problems right away, hail damage will compromise the integrity of the shingles and reduce the life span of your roof. 

Will my insurance rates go up?
Your insurance company can’t raise your rates or drop you for making a claim because storm damage is considered an “Act of God”.  Your only out-of-pocket expense should be the deductible on your policy.  
​We’ll make the insurance process as easy as possible by working directly with your insurance company to facilitate the process for you.